Why I Loved… Prince (R.I.P.)

Now he’s really „The Artist Formerly Known As Prince“. Another icon gone too soon. I was never as enthusiastic a fan as I was of Michael Jackson, but still I feel shocked and sad, as Prince was in his way just as unique and ridiculously talented as David Bowie or Michael Jackson.

Admittedly, I haven’t really followed the recent years of his career, but there are a number of songs of his that I’ll never forget and that have stirred me in some way or other.

His music was often, actually: virtually always, sexy: „Kiss“ is still one of the sexiest songs in the world – even playing the song in my head and imagining dancing to it turns me on…. 😉 And it’s not the only one – think of „Sexy MF“, „Cream“ or „Get Off“ – his voice and the beats just have this special vibe…

In addition, his music was often extremely „danceable“: For a long time I couldn’t imagine anything cooler than dancing to the tune of „1999“ at the turn of the millenium!

But his music could also move you to tears („Nothing Compares to You“) or be quite romantic („The Most Beautiful Girl in the World“).

He’ll be greatly missed! Rest in Peace.