Why I love… #2: Alex O’Loughlin

What started out as an almost purely physical attraction has evolved to an adoration on so many levels that I would have gladly spent $ 300 to take part in the Women’s Self-Defense Seminar in Honolulu last weekend that was held by Alex’s trainer Egan Inoue and Alex himself. But, unfortunately, since I’m a teacher living in Germany, I couldn’t just fly over there for the weekend… But what I’ve read about how down-to-earth and hands-on Alex was (see the accounts of K and Miek) has made me love him even more. The fact that he acted as if he was just a normal self-defense teacher – not shying away from letting the women „getting their hands on him“ – shows how „normal“ he has remained despite all the recognition he has been getting since being on Hawaii Five-0. OK, admittedly, meeting him in the seminar WOULD have fed my being physically attracted to him (and I guess had I been there, I would feel this attraction now even more) but there is more to Alex than his good looks and gorgeous body.

So here’s the chronology of my infatuation:

  •  Moonlight: I bought this series more or less simply because it was cheap and had a vampire in it. It lay around for a while before I started watching it while being on holiday for a week on the island of Sylt (North Sea, Germany). I had trouble sleeping most nights due to some health problems (nothing too serious but they kept me up until three or four at night), which I had anticipated and therefore had brought along the DVDs. Since the series only had 16 episodes and had me hooked within minutes of the first appearance of Mick St. John, I finished it within five or six nights. The series itself might neither be very original nor as good as, say, Buffy or Angel  – to stay within the genre – and doesn’t have as much sex and blood in it as True Blood but Alex sold it to me completely. I’ve just watched it a second time and have realized that besides his  great voice and adorable smile, his portrayal of Mick has a lot more to offer. Sometimes there are just tiny changes in his facial expression that get across what’s going on inside him just perfectly – I just love, for instance, how sad and almost desperate he looks when Beth’s boyfriend Josh dies – and how much it hurts him when Beth asks him to turn Josh and seemingly hates him for not doing it.
  • Oyster Farmer: For the full review, please klick here. One reason why I will surely rewatch (parts of) this Australian movie (his movie debut) is the absolutely hot sex scene with Alex. Heard his native Australian English tongue there for the first time – takes a little getting used to.
  • The Back-Up Plan: Wrote about this awful movie here. At that time I had already started to watch Hawaii Five-0, so seeing Alex in a romantic comedy (with J.Lo, of all people!) felt somehow wrong. I don’t think that is a direction he should aim for, which is weird, since he is easily handsome enough to make women swoon. All the same, I don’t see his career going that way.
  • Hawaii Five-0: I’ve already written about Season 1Season 2 and Season 3 in detail, so I don’t have to repeat much here other than that in THIS series what I’m mainly captivated by is how Alex a.k.a. Steve McGarrett is moving – walking, running, gesturing, holding and shooting a gun, jumping, fighting… this is all so exciting that one tends to forget how terrific an actor he is, even if you’re not enthralled by the movements of his body. Contrary to what the producers of The Back-Up Plan tried, the real chemistry is not going on between Alex/Steve and his girlfriend but between Alex/Steve and Scott Caan as Danny. Best bromance ever – both Alex and Scott are at their best in these scenes.
  • Mary Bryant: I don’t know why but I have difficulty writing about this mini-series and saying what I liked about Alex’s performance there. I did like both the mini-series itself and Alex in it, but for some reason I wasn’t too impressed with it, either.
  • Feed: If you want to know more about that gross and yet interesting movie, check out my review. I’m so glad I got over my initial reluctance to watch this movie because it showed a whole different Alex O’Loughlin to me. And by that I don’t (only ;)) mean that you get to see him completely naked (MOSTLY from the back) and with blonde hair. 😉 His acting is awe-inspiring! Within one scene he switches from being seemingly nice and loving to being cruel and full of anger and hate. It makes me want to see him more often as a villain!
  • Criminal Minds: The Big Wheel: I watch many series, Criminal Minds, however, is not one of them even though it’s supposedly really good. Well, if all the episodes are as good as the one featuring Alex as the obsessive-compulsive serial killer of blonde women, Vincent, then I guess it must be true. Just like in Feed, Alex’s performance in this episode is absolutely mesmerizing: his OCD behavior is absolutely convincing (I’ve read in an article about an interview with him that he (allegedly) suffers or suffered from ADD and OCD. If that were true, he would have had some experiences of his own to fall back on.). You can’t help rooting for this villain, because his portrayal of a man who had to watch (he even recorded it on video) as a child how his mother was stabbed by his father is heartbreaking. After killing another victim he leaves a video message for the FBI: „HELP ME!“ So this mass murderer actually wants to stop but can’t because of his OCD. The key to why he wants to stop: a blind boy whose mother he killed two years ago. The interaction between Alex/Vincent and the boy is truly moving – I cried at the end of the episode! The producers of this show (and, of course, Alex, but also the little boy Jake Cherry, who played the blind boy Stanley) are really to be lauded for creating such an emotional depth that one episode, totally taken out of the context of the whole series, can move someone who never watches the show to tears. Since watching this episode I hold Alex O’Loughlin in even higher regard and hope that he will be given more roles like this. He’s more than just the pretty, sexy, tattooed, tough soldier he plays on Hawaii Five-0! 

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