Fangirl moment #1: Joel Stein

Boy, I had a real fangirl moment today! And it didn’t involve any of my favorite actors. Nor did I dream about any of my favorite actors (, which I often do).

No! I got a reply to a fan-email I wrote to the TIME columnist and author of Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity Joel Stein:

Yep, I’m not ONLY a fangirl when it comes to Farscape, and watching movies and TV series is not the ONLY thing I feel passionate about.

For instance, I love reading – and as a long-term subscriber of TIME magazine I always check first whether one of Joel Stein’s columns is in the latest issue. And if there is, I always read it first – even BEFORE any movie reviews there might be. He never fails to make me laugh and I simply admire his way of writing.

Well, on my birthday, a little more than a month ago, for some reason that I can’t recall, I stumbled across his above mentioned book and then ended up on his website where I found a contact form. So I thought, why the hell – pardon me: frell – not, and sent him an email using the fact that it was my birthday to maybe eventually coax him into writing back. I also tried to write as wittily as I could (took me while to finish that mail!).

I guess it paid off: I got a short but personal response today, in which he wished me a happy belated birthday and thanked me for my email. The rest ought to remain personal – as you really shouldn’t publish emails.

He really made my day – I felt utterly fangirlish after reading his email, grinning all afternoon and feeling special. 😉

Thanks, Joel! 🙂

PS: Of course, I couldn’t resist replying – but I don’t expect him to answer again, and that will be totally fine! It’s just that – as a rule – I cannot NOT answer mails (extend that to comments, posts,…). Hm, what does that say about me? 😉

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